ROMEO October Live Information
【Date & Time】
10/6 ㈮ ①14:00~ ②19:00~
10/7 ㈯ ①13:00~ ②18:00~
10/13 ㈮ ①14:00~ ②19:00~
10/15 ㈰ ①13:00~ ②18:00~

【Live Place】
10/6,7 :アゼリア大正ホール (大阪市大正区小林東3丁目3番25号
3-3-25 Kobayashihigashi, Taisho-ku, Osaka
10/13,15: Red & Blue TOKYO (東京都大田区平和島1-1-1BIGFUN平和島3階, 1-1-1 3rd floor, Heiwajima, Otaku, Tokyo)
【Ticket Price】
7000yen(with tax)

・You cannot use application cameras such as SNOW. Please use the existing camera in your phone.
・Please check your picture after taking it immediately.
・Please prepare your camera when lining up.
・Staff will take the group shot with you and the members. You cannot take it by your own.
・If you want to take a photo with another person(friends) you need to buy the ticket for every person that will be in the photo. (If you want to take a picture with your friend, you need two tickets.)
・Only people who bought the ticket to watch the live are allowed to participate in this event.

*Please follow the staff’s instructions.
*We cannot refund your ticket if the live is canceled on the day because of weather or other reasons.
*Please refrain from the resale of these tickets. If we find reselling, we will forbid both the seller and the buyer to come to the live.
*If you don’t follow the rules or cause trouble to other customers, we might ask to leave the hall.
*Children over 4 years old must buy a ticket to enter the live.
*If you select convenience store payment, please pay until 10 days after reserving the ticket. After the payment is completed, tickets will be available. If you are not able to pay it during the payment date, the ticket will be canceled automatically.
*We cannot refund the ticket or change the ticket by customers request.
*You are able to buy the ticket from HY Entertainment’s homepage before 1 week of the live date. After that you are only able to the buy the day ticket.
*We buy day tickets before 1hour from the live starting time.
【Admission System 】
*Day tickets are available an hour before the live.
*Admission time is 30minutes before the live time.
*All photography or recordings are forbidden. If we find any of this we will ask you to delete the data and leave the hall. We cannot refund your ticket.

【About seating】
・We will randomly choose the seat for those who bought the ticket during 1st term【9/25 19:00~10/2 18:59】
It is not by purchased order.
・There would not be any cases that 2nd term buyers seating in front of 1st term buyers.
・During 2nd term seats will be decided by the order of payment.
・If you buy several tickets we will make sure the seat is next to each other.
・You can check your seat buy your cell phone or internet 3days before the live.
《How to buy the ticket》
(1) Select the date and time of the live(you can select several dates) .
(2) Insert the information that you are required.
(3) Select the payment method either credit card or convenience store payment.
※If you choose convenience store payment, you are able to pay at Lawson, Family Mart, Mini Stop, Seiko Mart, Circle K or Thanks.
(4) After you reserve the ticket you will receive an email that shows your order has been completed. There are important information on it so please keep the email carefully.
(5) If you type the 「ご注文番号」(number of order)and your email address on the URL you received for the order completed, you will be able to see your ticket.
※The URL is also written on the page that shows your order has been completed.
※If you choose convenience store payment, the site will be available after payment.
※Please show the online ticket to staffs when entering.

If you have any questions please send an email from the form.
Thank you.